The Airbag

Experience the excitement of jumping with our iMaximise Air Bag. Ideal for all levels, our Air Bag ensures safe jumps and effective workouts

Why Our Air Bag?
  • Off-Season Jumps: Our Air Bag is there for you, allowing you to perfect your jumps in complete safety.

  • Safety First: With an inclination similar to a standard landing, our Air Bag guarantees maximum safety for every jump.

  • Intensive training: Thanks to our innovative ascent system, the Rope Tow, chain jumps quickly to maximize your training time.
The Benefits of Our Air Bag
  • Breathtaking Height: Reach new heights and perfect your jumps with confidence with our Air Bag.

  • Soft Landings: Enjoy soft landings, reducing joint strain and minimizing the risk of injury.

Orientation to the Dry Slope is Mandatory

Orientation to the dry slope is required on your first visit. This step ensures that you are familiar with our facilities and security procedures.

Equipment Inspections

Your equipment will be carefully inspected. All skis and snowboards will be Grinded to prevent damage to the Air Bag.

Equipment Requirements

Please note that all skis and snowboards with cracked edges or delamination will be refused for safety reasons.

Make sure to pack your essentials for the Airbag session:

  • Helmet
  • Knee pads and elbow pads
  • If elbow pads are missing, opt for long sleeves.
  • Don't forget gloves.
  • Skis or snowboard, boots, and enthusiasm!

Dress as if you'll get wet. In Fall, consider a wetsuit due to cooler temperatures.

Ready to Jump?

Explore new aerial horizons and perfect your jumps. Contact us today to find out more and book your day!