Summer Camps

Welcome to the captivating world of iMaximise Summer Camps! If you are passionate about skiing or snowboarding, our camps are the key to a summer filled with progression, adventures and unforgettable memories.

Why Choose Our Summer Camps?
  • Training for All: From beginners to experts, our camps are designed for all levels, offering personalized instruction.

  • Expert guidance: Our experienced Freestyle coaches will accompany you to exceed your limits and excel in your skills.

  • Exceptional Infrastructure: Take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities, including the Air Bag and the Super Tramp, for varied training.
What Awaits You
  • Targeted Sessions: Intensive sessions will help you improve your jumps, maneuvers and balance.

  • Team Spirit: Join a passionate community and share unique moments with other freestyle enthusiasts

  • Complete Experience: Our camps are not only training, but also an adventure where learning rhymes with fun.

For an extraordinary summer!

Register now for our iMaximise Summer Camps and enjoy a memorable summer of skiing, learning and friendships. Contact us for more information on dates, prices and registrations.