Super Tramp

Discover the aerial world with the Super Tramp iMaximise! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, our facility is designed to help you hone your aerial skills.

Why Opt for the Super Tramp?
  • Suitable for All Levels: Whatever your level, our Super Tramp offers a dynamic learning platform to safely improve your skills.

  • Intensive Jumps: Enjoy the perfect environment to rehearse your moves and hone your aerial skills, preparing you for your Freestyle adventures.
What to expect from the Super Tramp?
  • Awesome Jumps: Reach new heights and hone your skills jumping on our Super Tramp.

  • Assured Progression: Rehearsals on the Super Tramp strengthen your aerial skills to master more advanced maneuvers.
The jib tramp

Created by Max Hénault, this 15-foot trampoline is surmounted by a wooden "log" allowing you to acquire the balance and consistency necessary for rail manoeuvres.

  • Improved Balance: The wooden "log" helps develop balance, an essential skill for rail maneuvers.

  • Constantly Challenged: By adding a rail element to the trampoline, the Jib Tramp challenges you to push your limits and master new techniques.

  • Playful Progression: The Jib Tramp offers a unique approach to learning freestyle skills in a fun and challenging way.

Ready to Take to the Heights?

Explore the potential of the Super Tramp and hone your aerial skills. Contact us today if you have any questions!